Benefits of Google My Business- Google My Business

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Benefits of Google My Business- Google My Business

Manage your information

When managing information to users through Google about your company or its products, they will be able to find what they are looking for through Google Maps and through Google Search where they will find opening hours, the website and the address of the premises, in case to have a physical store.

Interact with customers

You can see customer reviews and respond to them, just as they can see photos you post of your business. Statistics show that profiles receive 42% more searches through Google Maps and 35% more clicks on websites than companies that do not add them.

Discover and expand your presence

See how customers search for your business and where they come from. In this you can see information on how many people call directly to the number that is in the search results and in Google Maps. Campaigns can be created and performance tracked to publicize the service your company offers.


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