Take care of your domain.

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Take care of your domain.

As you know, the domain is your identification on the internet and from it the emails are created to subsequently carry out email campaigns and the most important thing: point your website to yourname.com

To take care of the reputation of the domain we recommend:

1. Clean the mailing lists, that is, leave only the valid and active emails.

2. Send the least possible promotions in the mail.

3. Have a responsible domain provider.

4. Send mailing campaigns from a similar domain, for example: mailyourname.com This is an option that has more and more strength, clarifying that you must have a strategy to ensure that your audience is sure that the campaign is yours. Placing contact telephone numbers and social networks within the body of the email is the most common.

When the domain has a bad reputation, the emails reach the junk or spam folder and search engines like Google also punish them by placing the result in the last places.

If you need advice on digital marketing campaigns, call us and we will tell you the details: +573103882759.

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