Stop! Don't stress, forget about complicated integrations

Create communications offers you solutions to integrate all mass communication channels in a single place.
Launch campaigns and track them in real time and use Bots or humans for automations and interactions.

Your clients, your priority

With You can communicate and interact with your clients easily since our platform gives you the possibility of being active 7/24, thus allowing you to be present for your clients, resolving doubts, providing quick responses and, above all, the best service. Likewise, our mass communication platform offers you the possibility of providing individual follow-up to all the interactions you make with your audience.


Have artificial intelligence at your fingertips. Surprise your customers and streamline processes by working with the latest technology. Use it for your benefit and make it part of your company, it is easy to use and is constantly evolving.

Sales Opportunities

Constant communication with your customers allows you to know their needs and thus your sales opportunities. It offers you the permanent segmentation and labeling of your audience so that you can launch massive campaigns or make use of the groups you have in the digital channels integrated into the platform.

Service Opportunities

Today what your customers are looking for is to be able to communicate with you at any time and in any place, allows you to be there for them wherever they are.


Creating communications offers you a personalized experience through our platform, which is configured with everything you need to boost your activities in the digital world and have them integrated in one place, allowing your agents to be much more productive, optimizing your conversion rates and providing a satisfactory experience to all your customers. .

You can always be aware of your company since we offer you to monitor all your digital channels from one place.

Some of our services

welcome bot

Have your bots for fast and automated attention or you can intersperse your service with online agents.

Custom input menu

Welcome your customers by showing them your services and the different attention alternatives

online 24/7

For 365 days you can provide 24/7 service to all your customers, always being available, without time limits

Quick, no more waiting!

Create immediate interactions with your website visitors thanks to the fluid conversation offered by the chatbot of

Connect your unique number

Link your company's official hotline to your Facebook fan page, post it online, or paste the link on your website.

Unique WhatsApp

Link all company communications through a single WhatsApp number that can be managed through various agents.

Automatic chat assignment for agents

For 365 days you can provide 24/7 service to all your customers, always being available, without time limits

Transfer conversations between queues and agents

You can distribute your conversations quickly and efficiently between agents and rooms.

Group care

You can have a wide variety of rooms in your chatbots, which will allow your clients to communicate directly with the professionals who are in charge of solving the specific needs they are looking for.

Private and personalized contact with agents

According to the option chosen by the client, he is redirected to an expert agent in his case. If necessary, the agent could transfer the client to another specific agent or to another group that can attend to the client's requirement.

Logged into supervisor or agent accounts

The platform offers you differentiated access to accounts for supervisors or agents., because you should invest in quality customer service systems

Support Opportunities

A good omnichannel support offers you the opportunity to work with all communication channels in sync and in this way your company can centralize all the information in order to be efficient and have good results when it comes to making sales or solving customer problems. customers.

A good technical support service speeds up processes, leaving waiting time and omnichannel behind with takes care of that.

The Create Communications omnichannel platform allows you to make good use of your human and digital resources, optimizing the time of users and agents. In addition to helping you provide a satisfactory experience to your customers, it also provides you with economic benefits.

you with artificial intelligence

The main function of web and mobile applications is to make life easier for users. Creating communications contributes to this by allowing you to have at your disposal the necessary technology to improve your sales, service and support processes for your business or enterprise, without having to have programming knowledge or having to make expensive investments. That is to say: cheap and easy.


In just minutes you can add mass communication channels to view and manage conversations from one place. You can program a Bot or leave the task to a human agent or, if necessary, allow the operation to both: Bot and human.


An interface that integrates all channels

Have you ever had to rewrite your content over and over again just to make sure it was already in multiple locations? o Have you had to alternate between different sites and applications to be able to carry out your project as you wish?

Regardless of whether your company has one or thousands of service agents, each one can have a single interface serving all mass communication channels at the same time. Forget about the entanglements, you don't have to be aware of your applications and platforms one by one, or log in over and over again, let alone lose your customers' chats again.

For it offers you the omnichannel that will allow you to integrate multiple external platforms such as: e-commerce, Facebook, WhatsApp and CRMs. Leave everything in the hands of our team and enjoy the benefits of integrations.

chat automation

Less work, more messages for a more productive workforce. Create workflows to help your teammates better manage their ways of resolving customer issues.


He who does not measure does not control. The administration panel that offers you It will allow you to track all the operations carried out by your staff (manager, administrator or agent). You can see the reports in real time and download them in PDF and cvs.

The best way to discover the platform is to try it yourself. Whether you're thinking of connecting a business messaging app to the platform or building a web chat widget from scratch. start with