Virtual shops

Virtual shops

Characteristics that your virtual store has:

For the design of your store we have 30 templates.
Your products carry their respective description in detail.
It is easy and intuitive navigation.
You have your permanent shopping cart applied.
It has secure payment methods.
You can link your contact information and your social networks.
It includes the items of security policy, terms of service and refund policy.

Unlimited categories and products, you can upload them in bulk.

With Create communications in your team the benefits do not end!

Automatic login

With the integrated login your customers are identified only once. They are then simply recognized each time the application is started.

Implementation of discounts:

Attract your customers with specific discounts. The powerful rules engine allows you to set optimal discounts so you can set your marketing actions whenever you need it.

Search engines

Take advantage of all the capabilities of your customers' mobile phones by enabling the search option and search history.

share now

Be a part of social eCommerce by allowing your customers to share a link to your products in the blink of an eye.
Creating communications helps you increase your sales with the creation of your virtual store, in a few hours.

Which will allow you:

  • Show your catalog
  • Sell your products.
  • Receive your payments online directly to your bank account.
  • Have them there available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.

Get your Beautiful Shopping app here and choose from our 30 themes that you can customize without coding

Did you know?

Apps designed for shopping convert 3x more than responsive websites…

The digital era invites us to transform ourselves and the way we sell and buy products is revolutionizing the market, technology has changed the paradigm of purchases completely, making them more simple, fast and safe.

We can turn your virtual store into a mobile application!

Become a visionary eCommerce by having native applications (iOS and Android). Which convert 3 times more than responsive websites.

Having quick and easy access to your customers is one of the native features of our shopping apps

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a highly visible marketing tool. It is easily installed and allows your customers to buy your products with a single click. Text messaging and email templates are available in your back office.

The goal is always just a click away

If you decide to have us develop your app, it will be available for Android and iOS, benefiting from ASO app store optimization and customer reviews.

Are you ready to provide the best shopping experience on mobile devices? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, LET US ADVISE YOU