Different DNA, same results.

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Different DNA, same results.

Remaining in the change, being a neighbor of the world, making strategic alliances and other pills are the teachings that the outgoing president of Carvajal SA leaves us. A family company that has managed to overcome the bitter times of competition and has forged its future only with results.

Replacing a product or service when the market says "no more" or teaching its customers what they should do or what a new product, unknown until now, is what Carvajal SA has done to remain current.

Not in vain a company that sold typewriters today offers software for the health sector, even consultancies and platforms for electronic commerce. “Throughout this process we learned to continually reinvent ourselves, because our businesses are good one day and then, after a short time, they have little demand or even disappear, as happened with typewriters, calculators or now with continuous forms,” said Mr. Carvajal, outgoing manager of the company.

Those who say that the shortest route between two points is zigzagging are very right.

He also warns about what will happen: “The United States, which is an engine of the world, is in a recession cycle. On these bases, I think that in Colombia we are going to enter a slowdown.”

Mr. Carvajal warns us then, with all his years of good management on his shoulders, about the behavior of a family business, the changes brought about by the environment and the flexibility imposed by the market or those that we can teach (to the client) with new product developments.

And, it teaches us, that family businesses can untie their ties to give management to a person who is not a member of the family, but with the results that all the Carvajal DNA demands.

We are warned about the things that we find in the current management. Whoever is not on that path of change will have problems staying in the market.

Greetings, they sell a lot.

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