Web design

The website is the digital presentation of companies, organizations or people

Creating communications offers you a presence on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The website it should be at the center of any virtual strategy.

It serves to make yourself known among all those who do not know your brand, company or SME, or the products or services you offer.

Product catalog

You can have the photos, videos and all the necessary information of your products or services so that you can show their characteristics and benefits.


You can inform all the visitors of your page where your physical headquarters are, with all the commercial information that you want to place.

Order mailbox

With this useful tool you will be able to receive in your email the order requests that your clients have. It can also function as a suggestion box.

newsletter subscription

Your clients will be able to sign up with their email in a distribution list that can be used for promotions, product launches, news information and in general for everything you want to write in a corporate email.

Social media

The presentation of the links of the company's networks on the website are one of the attractions that visitors to a page are most looking for. On the web you can link as many as you want, including the YouTube channel.


You can have the website in your native language and in another depending on where you have customers. This is one of the functionalities that gives prestige to your brand.

mega menu

The menu is one of the most expensive jobs to do, since it requires condensing everything about the company, in a few words so that it is later displayed on each of the internal pages of the web. But sometimes we need a top menu that can contain more information, that is, we can make your Megamenu.

Customization of your brand

The web page must be adjusted to all corporate colors, fonts (fonts) and sizes to obey the corporate identity manual of your brand.


If you want to do it gradually, you can grow to add features, for example; the payment gateway, a mailbox for your customers to register, etc.

SEO positioning

SEO positioning: The web page is enabled to include the key words and phrases that your clients use to track you in your search engines, for example; Where to find the best sneakers? What is the best leather briefcase?

Fast charge

We leave your page optimized so that it can load quickly in the most popular browsers.

Link to WhatsApp

We can place a floating icon on your web page with the link to your whatsapp or the mass communication channels you prefer, so that your client enters through their preferred one.