Mass Messaging Experts

These three services are made from an easy-to-use and intuitive web platform that allows you to send text messages to all the mobiles you want.

In addition, two-way SMS allows your client to reply to you, since it is free for them.

Voice SMS

This service is done from an easy-to-use and intuitive web platform that allows you to send voice messages to all mobile phones and landlines.


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Take your global SMS messaging to the next level with a platform built to scale in speed and deliverability.

delivery engine

  • The solution we use for sending SMS ensures effective delivery of mass communication.
  • Reach more customers with a faster and more reliable SMS service.
  • Segment your market according to the marketing needs of your business.
  • Program the campaigns from our web platform so that you can send them immediately or later.
  • Follow in detail the shipping statistics and the impact on your audience.
  • Control the budget, adjust the changes and launch other campaigns again.

High delivery rates

Our commercial agreements with local operators guarantee a high impact of your message on the mobile of the client or recipient.

Deliveries when it enters cover or lights up.

It can be programmed so that the message is delivered up to 72 hours after sending, waiting for the mobile to enter signal coverage or be turned on, if that is the case.

Short shipment number

Text messages are sent via a short code, which is programmed as soon as you create a user to manage your own sending campaigns.


Link social networks, web pages, WhatsApp numbers and much more in the text message.

Manage to reach each of your customers in a personalized way.

Sell more and promote new products.