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Google my Business is a free tool, in which companies can show their business, through Google products, such as Search and Maps.

This same, allows to verify the company and edit information at the step that is required.

The objective of Google my Business is that your business is visible and that people interested in a particular product reach it, since descriptions, images, and a product portfolio can be implemented. It also has Google Places integration, which is for a sales method, and Google Maps, which works as a physical location locator so that interested parties have greater confidence in your company.

The reviews and ratings made by your customers are also shown, and you can also respond to them.

Tracking your business statistics is made easy, you can see clicks, search locations and visits to your website.

According to Google statistics, 66% of interested parties confirm that customer comments and reviews help make purchase decisions.

These statistics can also be consulted on the personal platform of your Google my Business, where you can see how they search for your products, with specific words, with the name of your company or a similarity referring to them.

10 Tips to optimize your business file

  1. Create a good profile, complete and with details.

  2. Make a description adjusted to your business (use keywords).

  3. Add a virtual tour if you have a physical business.

  4. Record all possible data (company name, address, telephone, email, hours...).

  5. Reply and interact through reviews.

  6. Keep the information up to date.

  7. Add images and labels.

  8. Add your website.

  9. Add your location.

  10. Inform about the news in the “publications” option.



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